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Our goal is to create a sustainable funding method for the LIFE Community Project! Through free promotions for local small businesses while providing premium promotions/ad space we believe that we will not only achieve this goal but provide more support for our small business community. 

With sustainable funding, the LIFE Community Project will be able to provide increases & improved support for those most vulnerable within our community. 

LIFE - Love Is For Everyone

Sample Main Ad Space

Ad Space Info

Currently, you will find 2 options to promote your business while directly supporting the efforts of the LIFE Community Project!

  1. Main Ad Space
  2. Secondary Ad Space

Main Ad Space 

Banner within each of the community pages, rotating with up to 5 other businesses that are Main Supporters

Secondary Ad Space 

You will find the ad space on the right-hand Sidebar, rotating with up to 10 other businesses that are Secondary Supporters.

How does your advertising $ support free food/clothing/necessities?

  1. 25% of your advertising dollar goes directly to purchase food through FIFE - Food Is For Everyone's  Pay It Forward meal program.
  2. 25% of your advertising dollar goes towards the costs of running the free clothing/necessities program through the LIFE Community Project.
  3. 25% of your advertising dollar goes towards running of the advertising/marketing programs that include free promotion for some amazing local causes like C.A.M.P. Community Assisted Meal Program & LIFE Community Project
  4. Participation in the loyalty rewards program provides LIFE/Love Points for participants. 

Sample Secondary Ad Space