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Seeking LIFE Community Partners

Own your own Community Network

This is ideal for those who have a natural desire to assist others, move toward making your passion for assisting others into a full time exercise in joy & happiness!

4107018466?profile=RESIZE_710xWe are going to take a very unique path towards expanding the community networks. Each community network has been designed to provide funding & awareness for the LIFE Community Project & associated activities! It is an amazing feeling knowing that most of your activities with your community network constantly create benefits for your community. Providing free clothing/necessities & food for those most in need within your community brings an abundance of joy & happiness, spreading more love into our communities.

We have a 6 month intense training & community launch program that will start an individual out part-time & build the community network through to the launch of weekly LIFE Rally events within the community. The start of the various LIFE Community Project initiatives creating more & more benefits for the community.

It will start with the creation of the basics of the Just Community Websites components, training to manage & build the community network & associated activities to run the network. Through the training components you will start to build the required activities that will allow the start of sponsorhip for the LIFE & FIFE projects. With the sponsorship, sustainable funding of the various projects is created allowing the launch of the weekly LIFE Rally events, the implementation of the LIFE Community Projects, also know as the Love Projects.

Like any charity or not-for-profit, individuals are paid to run/manage the organization/group & are treated as an employee in thier processes. This is not what we wanted, we wanted those individuals that are passionate about assisting others to have a deeper vested interest in the processes of providing more & more assitance for those most in need within the community networks. We wanted those to have a greater opportunity to help direct the processes on a community by community basis. We wanted those individuals to have a sence of security in their future, knowing that after investing a lot of passionate time into their efforts that it will remain there for them long into the future.

We are going to treat each community network like a franchise, an owner for the community network with a set of guidelines that need to be followed, much like franchise owners with the various companies you find out in your community. We are in the business of providing more & more benefits for our community while providing more assistance for those most in need within the community. 

As another benefit within the community, we are going to provide the opportunity to those who would find it almost impossible or extreemly difficult to be a franchise owner/operator, just that the opportunity to be a franchise owner/operator. We are going to give away to the right person with the heart for it, at no cost the community network.

We are going to provide the opportunity for FREE!

It will require a passion for assisting others, a desire & willingness to learn new activities. The individual will be educated on basic web design, social networks & social media. Training for communicating with local business professionals & interacting with the various organziations/groups providing services within the community. 

Full training on the day to day activities of the community network including the adding/updating of content on both websites & the social profiles for the community networks. The activities needed to run successful LIFE Rally events each week & implement the various Love Projects that are part of the LIFE Community Project.

Upon successful completion of training you will be the franchise owner of the community network & will be your business to run with ongoing support & new opportunities to increase the benefits for the community. 

The process is designed so that you can start part time 5-10 hours each week, as the community network builds closer to an official launch an increased revenue stream that not only provides for the operational expenses of the LIFE Community Project but also a revenue stream for the operator of the community network.

If you think this is for you, contact or message John E Walker directly & let him know what community you are interested in. Remember there will only be 1 LIFE Community Partner for each community & we will only allow an individual to operate 1 community network.

We are going to put a focus on the following community networks but for the right motivated individual we are willing to provide the opportunity for any community in Canada & will put consideration to communities in the US!

  • Whitby
  • Ajax
  • Pickering
  • Bowmanville
  • Port Perry
  • Scarborough


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