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Quality, Custom weighted blankets, lap pads and quilts, weighted neck snakes, and I-spy pouches, to keep hands occupied. Premade weighted sensory tools.

To provide weighted sensory tools to individuals to enhance their quality of life while providing work and skill development for individuals and families in local communities with special needs.


(905) 728-4335
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Daana Paani Supermarket

We provide all kinds of south Asian groceries, lentils, Dairy, fresh vegetables at the best price in the Durham Region.

Hot snacks available:
  • Samosa 
  • vadapav 
  • dabeli
  • puff 
  • thepla and more

333 King Street West Unit 1

647-327-6619 or 647-336-9201

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The Bent Willow

The Bent Willow has a warm and welcoming energy... a beautiful gathering place for things spiritual.3817024633?profile=RESIZE_710xThe concept was born from a passing glance at a willow tree . It occurred to me that willow trees appear peaceful and serene and their long cascading branches offer a sense of comforting protection, this I thought, was a great concept for a much needed business model in the Oshawa area. Since I was already on course for providing a space of higher spirituality, natural wellness for the body, and creating a one stop shop for all things new age and metaphysical for the spirit, the rest just fell into place. A genuine love of people, an outgoing personality and a strong sense of caring make this a winning combination when you add it to a warm and welcoming environment where my main focus is customer service and satisfaction.



54 Simcoe St. N Oshawa, ON


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Mosaic Creative



Artisan marketplace and inclusive employment hub located in Oshawa, ON. All vendor and workshop booking fees go toward supporting low to no-cost programming for adults with complex needs.



A social enterprise, dedicated to supporting local business while providing an opportunity for those with special needs to learn, grow and thrive.



Offering a curated selection of handmade, vintage and repurposed goods for people of all ages and abilities.


1255 Terwillegar Ave - Unit 11
(905) 576-9064
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Paraphernalia Books n' Stuff

 A unique store highlighting used books with a combination of British imported candies, 60/70's pop culture & nostalgia and unique gifts.

New products arriving all the time. Have something in mind that you just can't seem to find anywhere else? Let us know! We will try and get it in for you.

Need to pick up a gift or two? There is something for everyone at Paraphernalia Books N' Stuff! From students to grandparents, your favourite teacher or your best friend, we can help you find the perfect gift!


154A Simcoe St. South

(905) 720-1919
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Durham Medical

Durham Medical is a family run business which is locally owned and operated and has been serving Durham Region for over 30 years. Our strength is our experienced and knowledgeable staff, for the service that they provide our clients. You will find a warm and friendly environment with staff interested in helping you.

Suppliers of First Aid & Medical Equipment, sometimes you just need a product for a short period of time. Durham Medical has a complete line of Rental Products. Be sure to contact us for all specifications, policies, pricing and to ensure availability.

 Visit the Events Listings for our listed events!


242 King Street East Oshawa

(905) 728-1112
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