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Free Clothing/Necessities And Community Partners

10566352671?profile=RESIZE_400xIt has been a little struggle to get things started but I have been working through the issues! I am downtown regularly now and connecting, chatting and loving it!

I have been doing Free Hugs every Sunday at Memorial Park for a couple of months now. I now have a book with me when out and about, working on needed necessities and clothing for those most in need. My health has improved to the point that I can do more and actively working on a few projects. You are going to see more posts on the Just Oshawa network as I move forward. The Just Community Networks has always been planned to work with the LIFE - Love Is For Everone network and together create more assistance for those most in need within our communities. I now have weekly events for those who wish to learn more about any part of the activities from business involvement to involvement with the LIFE Community Project.

Moving forward, I have started to raise awareness of the activities that I have been doing quietly for a while now. You will see more here of what others have heard about when I have been chatting in person. You will learn more about the fundraising efforts and promotion to help fund the activities for those most in need within our community. My goal has always been to create a method that creates an independent effort that is self-sufficient without the need to rely upon grants, and endless requests for financial donations. The creation of a business model that would create the funding for the ongoing activities. All the fundraising efforts are business oriented, from advertising/marketing to utilizing the sale of products and services that create donations for the ongoing activities. I have worked hard to work local small businesses into as much as I could, after all, small local businesses are the backbone of every community. 

The model I have worked out for free clothing/necessities/food can be duplicated, working with individuals 1 on 1 we can together provide more assistance for those most in need. We are making a difference 1 individual at a time and as we build more LIFE Community Partners, we can create a greater impact, and create more love and compassion for our community, our city. 

Connect with me directly to learn how you can help or get involved, are you ready for community involvement?

LIFE - Love Is For Everyone

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