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How does Just Oshawa help your business once listed, it will always be free! We created a brand recognition-based set of activities that create ongoing promotions for all businesses listed in Oshawa. Through each social network, we create with each business & logo content posted. Each social network has its differences & we have a posting schedule for each network.

This creates an opportunity for each business to be discovered within each of the social networks regardless of whether they actually have a profile for their own business. This also brings recent posts within each of the social networks for each business that contains their name & logo. Businesses will have their name/logo shared once each month across all the Just Oshawa social networks.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr contain the social networks that each business has monthly free promotions. We may add others in time but this is the start of the amazing befits for our community of Oshawa.

I wanted to create a way to benefit local small businesses, a way that was free & created real benefits for the small business. We all struggle & most small business owners/managers struggle with choosing what social networks to put time/effort into. I have created an opportunity that helps with discovering businesses even if they are not on a specific network. I do things differently, have a natural desire to help others & most small businesses are struggling, what a better way to help make a difference by providing a little brand awareness for the small business.

There are many more benefits from our network, we are part of the LIFE Community Project that creates free benefits for those most in need within our community of Oshawa. Watch for the start of the Free Clothing/Necessities, promotions to help raise awareness of programs & how you can help those most in need. 

I believe that love is for everyone & that we need to create more love and compassion for all!

LIFE - Love Is For Everyone



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