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Seeking LIFE Community Partners

Own your own Community Network

This is ideal for those who have a natural desire to assist others, move toward making your passion for assisting others into a full time exercise in joy & happiness!

4107018466?profile=RESIZE_710xWe are going to take a very unique path towards expanding the community networks. Each community network has been designed to provide funding & awareness for the LIFE Community Project & associated activities! It is an amazing feeling knowing that most of your activities with your community network constantly create benefits for your community. Providing free clothing/necessities & food for those most in need within your community brings an abundance of joy & happiness, spreading more love into our communities.

We have a 6 month intense training & community launch program that will start an individual out part-time & build the community network through to the launch of weekly LIFE Rally events within the community. The start of the various LIFE Community Project initiatives creating more & more benefits for the community.

It will start with the creation of the basics of the Just Community Websites components, training to manage & build the community network & associated activities to run the network. Through the training components you will start to build the required activities that will allow the start of sponsorhip for the LIFE & FIFE projects. With the sponsorship, sustainable funding of the various projects is created allowing the launch of the weekly LIFE Rally events, the implementation of the LIFE Community Projects, also know as the Love Projects.

Like any charity or not-for-profit, individuals are paid to run/manage the organization/group & are treated as an employee in thier processes. This is not what we wanted, we wanted those individuals that are passionate about assisting others to have a deeper vested interest in the processes of providing more & more assitance for those most in need within the community networks. We wanted those to have a greater opportunity to help direct the processes on a community by community basis. We wanted those individuals to have a sence of security in their future, knowing that after investing a lot of passionate time into their efforts that it will remain there for them long into the future.

We are going to treat each community network like a franchise, an owner for the community network with a set of guidelines that need to be followed, much like franchise owners with the various companies you find out in your community. We are in the business of providing more & more benefits for our community while providing more assistance for those most in need within the community. 

As another benefit within the community, we are going to provide the opportunity to those who would find it almost impossible or extreemly difficult to be a franchise owner/operator, just that the opportunity to be a franchise owner/operator. We are going to give away to the right person with the heart for it, at no cost the community network.

We are going to provide the opportunity for FREE!

It will require a passion for assisting others, a desire & willingness to learn new activities. The individual will be educated on basic web design, social networks & social media. Training for communicating with local business professionals & interacting with the various organziations/groups providing services within the community. 

Full training on the day to day activities of the community network including the adding/updating of content on both websites & the social profiles for the community networks. The activities needed to run successful LIFE Rally events each week & implement the various Love Projects that are part of the LIFE Community Project.

Upon successful completion of training you will be the franchise owner of the community network & will be your business to run with ongoing support & new opportunities to increase the benefits for the community. 

The process is designed so that you can start part time 5-10 hours each week, as the community network builds closer to an official launch an increased revenue stream that not only provides for the operational expenses of the LIFE Community Project but also a revenue stream for the operator of the community network.

If you think this is for you, contact or message John E Walker directly & let him know what community you are interested in. Remember there will only be 1 LIFE Community Partner for each community & we will only allow an individual to operate 1 community network.

We are going to put a focus on the following community networks but for the right motivated individual we are willing to provide the opportunity for any community in Canada & will put consideration to communities in the US!

  • Whitby
  • Ajax
  • Pickering
  • Bowmanville
  • Port Perry
  • Scarborough


LIFE - Love Is For Everyone

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Become A Sponsor Today & Help!

Your Sponsorship will do more than just help raise awareness of your business, it will directly help those most in need!

Breakdown of your sponsorship:

  • Sponsor FIFE & 50% of your sponsorship directly purchases food
  • Sponsor LIFE & 50% of your sponsorship directy purchases necessities

The remaining 50% is used to help cover expenses involved with providing the various projects.

We have 4 sponsorship packages currently available within each community network & require a 4-month commitment. 

Discover more about the LIFE Community Project & the amazing benefits being created. Start earning rewards, LIFE & LOVE Points for continued support.

SPECIAL ALL PACKAGES ARE CURRENTLY 50% OFF (for the first 4 months)


 Package A (1 Main Sponsor For FIFE)


  • Main Sponsor Space on the FIFE 11 x 17-inch posters
  • Rotating Banner Ad Spaces on the community pages
  • Ad space in the monthly videos promoting the Daily Food/Drink Specials
  • Main Sponsor Space on the FIFE 8.5x11 inch posters promoting the FIFE pay it forward food program.
  • Listed as a Featured Business through the Community Map
  • Weekly sharing of the business website/social networks within the community networks
  • 50% of your sponsorship directly purchases meals through the pay if forward food program.

 Interested in sponsorship click HERE!


 Package B (7 Sponsors For FIFE)


  • Sponsor Space on the FIFE 11 x 17-inch posters
  • Rotating Ad Spaces on the community pages
  • Ad space on a (1) monthly video promoting the Food/Drink Specials.
  • Sponsor Space on the FIFE 8.5x11 inch posters promoting the FIFE pay it forward food program.
  • Monthly sharing of the business website/social networks within the community networks.
  • Listed as a Featured Business through the Community Map
  • 50% of your sponsorship directly purchases meals through the pay it forward food program.

 Interested in sponsorship click HERE!


Package C (1 Main Sponsor For LIFE)3787932003?profile=RESIZE_180x180


  • Main Sponsor Space on the LIFE 11 x 17-inch posters promoting the LIFE Rally Events & Project Events
  • Main Sponsor Space on the LIFE 8.5 x 11-inch posters promoting the LIFE Rally Events & Project Events
  • Rotating Banner Ad Spaces on the community pages
  • Ad space in the monthly videos promoting the Weekly Events
  • Weekly sharing of the business website/social networks within the community networks.
  • Listed as a Featured Business through the Community Map
  • 50% of your sponsorship directly purchasing necessities for those most in need.

 Interested in sponsorship click HERE!


Package D (7 sponsors For LIFE)


  • Sponsor Space on the LIFE 11 x 17-inch posters promoting the LIFE Rally Events & Project Events
  • Sponsor Space on the LIFE 8.5 x 11-inch posters promoting the LIFE Rally Events & Project Events
  • Rotating Ad Spaces on the community pages
  • Ad space on a (1) monthly video promoting the Weekly Events.
  • Monthly sharing of the business website/social networks within the community networks.
  • Listed as a Featured Business through the Community Map
  • 50% of your sponsorship directly purchasing necessities for those most in need.

Interested in sponsorship click HERE!

 Poster Designs Will Change Month To Month For All Sponsor Packages!

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The Bent Willow

The Bent Willow has a warm and welcoming energy... a beautiful gathering place for things spiritual.3817024633?profile=RESIZE_710xThe concept was born from a passing glance at a willow tree . It occurred to me that willow trees appear peaceful and serene and their long cascading branches offer a sense of comforting protection, this I thought, was a great concept for a much needed business model in the Oshawa area. Since I was already on course for providing a space of higher spirituality, natural wellness for the body, and creating a one stop shop for all things new age and metaphysical for the spirit, the rest just fell into place. A genuine love of people, an outgoing personality and a strong sense of caring make this a winning combination when you add it to a warm and welcoming environment where my main focus is customer service and satisfaction.



54 Simcoe St. N Oshawa, ON




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 Dan The Window Man is a family owned and operated window cleaning and pressure washing business based in Ajax, Ontario.  We are also the highest rated and most reviewed window cleaning service in Durham!





37 Forest Road






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Speedy Spudz

 We are a full menu fry truck serving up Durham Regions best Fresh Cut Fries and Specialty Poutines. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Peameal Bacon on a bun, Onion Rings, Deep Fried Pickles, Mozzarella Sticks, Breaded Mushrooms Kawartha Dairy Ice cream, and much more!


1406 Taunton Road

(905) 243-7433

Known Social Networks:


#Oshawa #OshawaBusiness #OshawaRestaurant #LoveOshawa #JustOshawa

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At Starting Point Massage & Esthetics, we feel that everyone should embrace and accentuate their natural beauty. With our custom treatments, we're sure that you will find your inner Diva from the get-go. We offer skincare treatments with a specialty in graceful aging and sensitive skin, an extensive body waxing menu, as well as relaxation & hot stone massage, and Reiki sessions at some of the best rates in the Durham Region. We also offer some fantastic additional services such as facial cupping, LED light therapy for acne, fine lines and pain control, specialty masks, and chemical peel treatments.

Being certified in Oncology Esthetics from OTI, we have extensive knowledge on the best route to take when it comes to your skin while engaged in any cancer treatment. We offer cancer patients/survivors specialty Esthetic services to gradually bring their skin back to the way it was before you started treatments. Oncology Esthetics (or “Cancer Care” treatments) encompasses safe and effective skin care treatments as well as relaxation massage sessions for men, women, and children undergoing cancer treatments. We will work with your health care team to bring you the best skincare and massage services for YOU. Note: I am not an Oncologist or health care professional that treats Cancer. I am first and foremost an Esthetician with additional specialized training and certification to be able to safely treat your skin while undergoing various cancer treatments.
We strive to show each and every client their natural beauty. Having a positive outlook no doubt brings a positive outlook on the world around you as well as increased self-esteem. Combined, both of these things bring a true smile to your face, adding to that beautiful glow from within you will definitely leave the Studio with.
So come and visit us at Starting Point Massage & Esthetics & experience the difference in our philosophy and customer service, and see the difference in your skin, face, and body. Also, be sure to email us if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment directly.
12 Center St N
(905) 233-2800
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Paraphernalia Books n' Stuff

 A unique store highlighting used books with a combination of British imported candies, 60/70's pop culture & nostalgia and unique gifts.

New products arriving all the time. Have something in mind that you just can't seem to find anywhere else? Let us know! We will try and get it in for you.

Need to pick up a gift or two? There is something for everyone at Paraphernalia Books N' Stuff! From students to grandparents, your favourite teacher or your best friend, we can help you find the perfect gift!


154A Simcoe St. South

(905) 720-1919

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Top Corner Grill And BBQ

 Top Corner Grill & BBQ is a neighborhood restaurant. We grew up with a passion for those romantic neighborhood spots where you could reliably grab a bite to eat whenever you crave our food. Our friendly staff maintain their quality of work and are always welcoming. We know your taste and we will never miss satisfying your cravings. Your favorite food will never leave our menu.

28 King St E

(905) 438-8171

Known Social Networks:


#Oshawa #OshawaBusiness #OshawaRestaurant #LoveOshawa #JustOshawa

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The Bollywood Tacos

 The Bollywood Tacos strives to be the spot to go for the local neighborhood as well as being a destination location for people from other parts of the city. We bring this to you by providing a menu that is familiar to people but with an Indian twist by incorporating Indian ingredients and spices into dishes. Having been in the food industry for many years we have only gotten better with time like the fine wine.

A modern restaurant with a touch of rustic charm enhanced by our friendly staff, Indian & Mexican diverse menu, and drink selections that'll widen the horizon of your taste buds, is what's waiting for you at The Bollywood Tacos. At Simcoe and Bond easy access to a finer experience at an affordable price without a hit to your wallet so that you can keep coming back for more!
Bringing you great value, outstanding service, a beautiful atmosphere, and overall a memorable experience is our focus.
36 Simcoe St N
Known Social Networks:


#Oshawa #OshawaBusiness #OshawaRestaurant #LoveOshawa #JustOshawa

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 Welcome to Yardscape Maintenance and Design

Yardscape is a full service lawn care and property maintenance company. We provide timely, scheduled visits to maintain your property's manicured curbside appeal.

Residential or Commercial.



160 Gibb Street

289.240.YARD (9273)

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Ice Bar Cafe

Durham's 1st AYCE Korean BBQ. Great price, cozy ambiance. Perfect for full-course meals or chill with friends and family over desserts and coffee. 

AYCE Korean BBQ. Asian fusion desserts and beverages. Ice-Cream, Cakes, Coffee, and Tea. Beautiful decor, relaxing ambiance. Perfect for dates or just to chill with family and friends.


10 Simcoe St N

(905) 550-3669

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#Oshawa #OshawaBusiness #OshawaRestaurant #LoveOshawa #JustOshawa

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Chasers Bar And Grill

Our amazing menu offers a wide variety of choices to suit any palate. Come and join us for a delicious meal, have a cold beverage at the bar or on our spacious patio. Come check out our weekly specials. 

Dance the night away to live entertainment and the sounds of DJ LUE Friday and Saturday nights. 
The owner and staff of Chasers Bar & Grill aim to make you feel so welcome and comfortable you can't wait to return. Ultimate Dance floor, Smoke machine, laser lights. 

1300 King St E

(905) 240-1988



Known Social Networks:


#Oshawa #OshawaBusiness #OshawaRestaurant #LoveOshawa #JustOshawa

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 Wanda Partrick, a graduate of Centennial College as a Licenced Practical Nurse, has been working in foot care in the community for over 15 years. She has had extensive training in Basic, Advanced and Diabetic foot care. She believes prevention is the key to a high level of mobility and decreased pain.  

She uses her knowledge and experience to provide assessment, nursing diagnosis, developing an individualized plan of care in the treatment of common foot conditions such as : corns and calluses, diabetic foot care, fungal skin and nail infections, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, plantar warts and Ram's horn nails.  Wanda then evaluates response to treatment in the achievement of the Client's goals. She has the expertise and knowledge to use evidence based, best practice guidelines and established infection control protocols to achieve the highest quality of care. 

Wanda enjoys staying active with her fur-babies, hiking Algonquin, and Killarney provincial parks  every summer.  She attends foot care conferences every year to update her knowledge of the newest techniques and technology.  

Wanda is passionate about her community wellness and has been working together with other FCN to start “Project Street Feet” in the Durham region.  This project has been successful in other regions and gives free foot care treatment to citizens living on the street.

(905) 576-7180



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 Books In Line Professional Services Inc. is designed to partner with small to medium size businesses and individuals on accounting, tax, finance, and business needs.
We focus on exceeding expectations, ensuring every effort is made to provide the right and best solutions, and providing service excellence that will alleviate stress and add quality to those we serve.

650 King St E., Unit 220

(905) 571-2665

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 When you want to buy, sell, move, or just lighten the load, A2B Estate Sales and Service will help you every step of the way.

We specialize in on-site Estate and Content sales. We host a “Pop Up” shop in your home, staging and setting up your contents like a retail setting. A2B Estates will consign partial Estates and provide household clear-outs if an on-site sale is not an option. We love what we do, and we work hard to find new homes for all of your treasures.
Are you a collector? Let us know and we will let you know when we find something you’d like! Our sales are always an adventure - whether you are looking to update or redecorate your own home or cottage, or are seeking one of a kind items and “junktiques” to add to your collection, there is always something new-to-you and unique at our sales.
Our email list of Estate Contents Sale shoppers grows longer every week, and our shoppers enjoy finding new treasures and home decor to update their own home, cottage, trailer or dorm room. Why pay someone to remove the unwanted items from your house. Our shoppers pay YOU to take it away!
From one good home to yours!
(289) 928-8790
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TGM Cleaning

 Our company uses only green products that are safe for everyone. We believe that a CLEAN home is a HAPPY home!

We specialize in residential cleaning for busy families and professionals as well as small office cleaning after hours. We also enjoy doing unique cleans and you may have spotted us at Parkwood Estates over the last few years!



We offer a FREE quote! Call 905-435-6538 or email us today for your next cleaning!


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